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Optical Fiber Tester including optical power meter, optical light source, VFL, optical multimeter, optical variable attenuator,optical cable identifier, optical fiber ranger.

Telecom Maintenance
CATV Maintenance
Comprehensive cable construction system
Optical instruments research and development
Optical communication education and lab testing
Other optical project


Stepwise attenuating by circumgyrated dial: attenuating step 0.05dB
Provide with the function of displaying dB and dBm attenuating value
Alternative function of 10 minutes Auto-off without operation
After off the instruments, the system will have the memorizing of the attenuating value and the attenuating step,

in order to restore the system back to the previous shut down state when open the instruments next time



Model A

Model B

Attenuation range(dB)





Working temperature


Storage temperature


Auto turn off time(min)


Continue working time

More than 48 hours


Rechargeable Li battery

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